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Lara Johnson: My Blog

Just Keep Running!

Posted on June 1, 2013 with 0 comments
Running is a perfect metaphor of life. You have to make the decision that you want to do it. You sign up for the race. You have to prepare. You have to learn how to do it right to prevent injury and have the best outcome. You need the right shoes. You need the right training & information about the benefits & results. You need a road map to your destination. A charted course. When you start it can be rough going. It can hurt. It can be really miserable if you are in pain. Making it all the more difficult. You may trip or fall down but, you are on a path that you must complete so; you HAVE to pick yourself up to get back home. You could sit there on the path. Maybe someone will come by and give you a hand. Pick you up and carry you part of the way. Maybe after a while you realize you have to keep moving, you have to get up, so you dust yourself off, and go. You must. There might be storms, thorns, rocks, brush, hills, potholes, rain, blocks or detours, floods, insects, hail, snow, heat, [...]
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My Testimony

Posted on October 28, 2012 with 1 comment
I was born in West Islip, Long Island, New York to a mother who was born in Brooklyn, NY of Venezuelan/Colombian decent & a father of Ukrainian & German desent.

My mother was an only child raised by a single mother & was sent to a Catholic boarding school run by Nuns who were not quite loving examples of Christian service in fact were abusive & fear mongers. My mother, of course, wanted nothing to do with God & grew to mistrust & detest religion...she returned to NY at the age of 17.

My father was the first of 6 children. He was born in Kiev, as a young child lived in Germany during WWII & later escaped to Venezuela with his familly. He knew much of struggle & abuse....At 22 he joined the US ARMY & moved to NY. My mothers Godmother knew my father's mother so when my beautiful mother moved to town my father just had to meet her...& the rest is history.

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